Interested in Membership?

Our current membership rates are as follows:

Initiation Fee: $2,000
Annual Dues: $1,950.00
Minimum Spending: $75 per Month
Capital Improvement Fund: $30 per Month

(Prices above do not include Tax)

For more information, contact our Membership Chairman Kenneth Brodie or the Office.

Prospective member must be sponsored by two existing Buffalo Launch Club members. Please fill out and submit a Membership Nomination Form and hand it to our membership chair, any BLC member or the BLC office to begin your journey.

Member's Cruises


June  Spring Cruise - Point Abino, Canada
July   Luncheon
July  Summer Cruise - Erie, PA
August  Raftapalooza
August  BLC Day
September  Mystery Cruise
September  Fall Cruise - Gateway Harbor